HUSK stands for Horse Ultra Sports Kit, which is a little info that not many people know! They are a UK family run business that specialise in the design and manufacture of thermo regulating horse wear.

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HUSK was built on a dream to innovate and challenge the status quo, as well as a deep love for horses and the desire to help improve their well being. Having worked in the medical field for many years, Founder Louise was amazed that so many claims were made in the equestrian industry with little to no work carried out to support them! After having 2 children, Louise spent a lot of time in working away, she wanted to be with her children more and more. In 2014 she left her international role in the pharmaceutical industry to follow her dream of creating a business that would not only make a significant difference to the equestrian world, but also create a business that she could offer the opportunity for her children and others to learn and benefit from. Having come from the corporate world, she was also passionate about creating a business that was built on family morals, rather than ruthless corporations, and HUSK was created!

The fundamental benefits of HUSK’s products that have been tested and proven are that they help to minimise the heat that horses and ponies build up during exercise, and of course protect them whilst doing so. HUSK’s products are made with a unique 3D impact dissipating material that is used by NASA and the Military. The outer layers are porous, allowing airflow in and out, and the 3D web of monofilament fibres within allow air to flow transversely throughout the layers as well as dissipating the force of impact to the horse or pony.

HUSK is famously renowned for producing La Irenita Air boots used by the number one polo teams, players and horses in the world, as well as now a number of Olympic eventers, Grand Prix dressage riders and International Show Jumpers! However our aim is to bring the entire equestrian community together with our belief of liberating performance, not harnessing it. Encouraging our riders to remember the gift of freedom when galloping through open fields, long forest tracks and beaches that our horses and ponies give us, and thanking them for this privilege with the gift of long term health and also the feeling of liberation, which horses constantly seek.

Based in rural Devon, UK, surrounded by nature, HUSK are passionate about the environment. We operate as sustainably as possible, made by hand in the UK with absolute attention to detail, HUSK source the majority of their materials in the UK also to minimise their carbon foot print. HUSK also use recycled and recyclable materials and plastics.

Launched in late 2015, the excitement for the brand has been phenomenal and world wide. Our UK and Global patents, trade marks and design registries are in, and we are spreading the word as far as we can to protect our horses’ and ponies’ future, as well as create a legacy for our children with our business, and hopefully be an example to others that dreams do come true!

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